services - suiting

Lloyd & Company is excited to offer wedding packages that provide the groom (or set of groomsmen) with custom made garmets.  You don’t want to walk down the aisle in a rented suit – somebody else wore it at their own wedding!  You don’t want to buy an off-the-rack suit or tuxedo, as chances are it will not fit and be expensive to alter.

We create beautiful tuxedos and suits for the groom and his mates.  We use premium silk to accent tuxedo lapels and are able to offer matching vests as well.  Having a summer wedding?  Why not consider having the groomsmen in vests/pants, and the groom in a three piece linen suit.  The last thing you want on your big day is to feel uncomfortable with what you are wearing.

Our process for weddings works like this:  Once you book an appointment through our easy and manageable appointment scheduler (link on homepage), we have our first point of contact.  You can have your wedding party fitted at the same time, or have every member fitted on their own time – whatever works!  The first meeting consists of measurement taking and selection of fabrics and options.  Customers pay for their garments (or make a deposit) at this time.  We then get to work making your perfect wedding outfit!

Three to four weeks later, we meet you again in our office where you can try on your suit to make sure everything fits to your satisfaction.  If anything needs to be adjusted, we typically have this done within a week.  From here you get to enjoy you new Lloyd & Company garment on your big day, and for years to come.

Pricing for both tuxedos and suits starts at $900.00.  For every additional suit purchased for your party, the average price decreases by $100.00, to a maximum discounted price of $600.00 per suit.  For example, if you have one groom and three groomsmen (total of four suits), the price will be $600.00 each.  For a vest/pants combination, the price is $500.00 per person.   All of our prices are listed in CAD.