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We pride ourselves on the sharp looking suits, sport coats, blazers, and overcoats we create for our clients.  We offer wool and cashmere material in hundreds of patterns.  Straight black suit?  We can do that.  Fancy navy blue pinstripe with a matching vest?  Not a problem.  We share material suppliers with some of the world’s most prestigious retailers (that charge three times more than us).  All of our suits are fully lined with silk, and clients can choose from dozens of silk colours.  We stock thinner linen fabrics for hot Toronto days as well!  We guide you through the fitting process, allowing you to choose your desired fit, pleat options, and lining options. Our cuffs are working ‘surgeon’ cuffs – the sign of a truly high quality suit.

Our process works like this:  Once you book an appointment through our easy and manageable appointment scheduler (link on the homepage), we have our first point of contact.  The first meeting consists of measurement taking and selection of fabrics and options.  Customers pay for their garments (or make a deposit) at this time.  We then get to work making your perfect suit!

Four to six weeks later, we meet you again in our office where you can try on your suit to make sure everything fits to your satisfaction.  In some cases of certain fabrics (unique patterns or low-stock), we may need an additional two to three weeks for procurement and manufacturing.  If anything needs to be adjusted, we typically have this done within a week or two.  From here you get to enjoy your new Lloyd & Company garment for years to come.

Made-to-measure suiting starts at $1100.00 and goes up to $1800.00 depending on the fabric type.  Bespoke suiting starts at $2400.00.  Adding a vest costs $250.00.  Our cashmere overcoats are priced at $1300.00.  Sport coats are priced at $700.00.  If you are looking for trousers only, the price is between $250.00 and $300.00 depending on the fabric.  All of our prices are listed in CAD.