Payments / Terms & Conditions

Lloyd & Company Bespoke Tailoring Terms and Conditions

  1.  Taxes – taxes are charged in-office in accordance with provincial and state legislation.  All coupons or vouchers do not include taxes unless otherwise stated.
  2. Payment – payments must be collected in full before a customer can receive a garment shipment or take a garment home from a sales location.  Unless otherwise stated, deposits must be 100% of the total bill value.  If an item is being purchased online or through a convention where a deposit is less than 100% of the bill value, the remaining balance must be paid before a shipment tracking number is released.
  3. Delivery time – the Lloyd & Company team tries its best to deliver products in a reasonable timeframe, with most orders being delivered within 4-5 weeks.  However, Lloyd & Company does not guarantee any specific delivery time.  If a customer is not provided with a first-fitting session within 8 weeks, the customer is eligible for order cancellation.  There is no order cancellation after the customer is provided with a first fitting, as alterations / garment changes may take multiple rounds / revisions.
  4. Appointment cancellation or “no-show” – As stated through the booking application, appointment cancellations may be made up to 18 hours before a scheduled appointment.  For late customers, Lloyd & Company will make one phone attempt to contact a customer before their appointment is cancelled and considered a “no show”. In the case of no-shows or late cancellations, a -$200 balance will be added to the customer’s account.  For voucher redemptions, a no-show or late cancellation will result in the voucher being redeemed and expired.
  5. Alterations – For regular priced orders, Lloyd & Company will continually alter a garment, within reason, to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.  Alterations may add to the delivery time of an order, and Lloyd & Company does not guarantee any specific alteration completion time.  For voucher redemptions, alterations will not exceed $25 per shirt or $100 per suit, including any shipping charges.
  6. Abandoned Items – should a customer choose not to collect a garment from a Lloyd & Company location within 90 days of receiving a completion notice, the company is no longer liable for storing and maintaining that garment.
  7. Refund policy – due to the nature of the custom made clothing business, Lloyd & Company maintains a no-refund policy once a garment has been produced.  The company will assess refund requests on an individual basis.  Refund requests received 30 days after a garment has been collected will be dismissed.
  8. Style replication – Lloyd & Company may attempt to copy an existing garment provided by a customer, but does not guarantee exact replication.


Add-On $10 to $100

Add-On $110 to $200